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Next draw : 14:00 Tuesday 19 Mar 2019 (Bet until 14:00)

49's 6 ball
Selection Details We Pay

  • Choose 1 number(s), get 1 correct

    7 x Stake

  • Choose 2 number(s), get 2 correct

    58 x Stake

  • Choose 3 number(s), get 3 correct

    626 x Stake

  • Choose 4 number(s), get 4 correct

    8501 x Stake

  • Choose 5 number(s), get 5 correct

    160001 x Stake

Step 1

Select 1 to 5 numbers per line

Step 2

Confirm your stake per line & choose your draw / duration ( Try 'Lucky Dip' to automate your selection )

Lucky Dip
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Line 2
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Line 3
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Line 4
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Line 5
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Line 6
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Line 7
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