TV/Specials Daily List

The Voice

Donel Mangena

Simon Davies

Scarlett Quigley

Lucy Milburn

Jake Benson

Harri Oakland

Gayatri Nair

Holly Ellison

Wayne Ellington

Jamie Grey

Anna Willison Holt

Wesu Wallace

Debbie Aramide

Lauren Bannon

Jilly Riley

Chloe Jones

Ross Anderson

Paige Young

Eliza Gutteridge

Bailey Nielsen

Mark Asari

Kade Smith

Ant & Ox

Shane McCormack

Saskia Eng

Tesni Jones

Jade Williams

Ruti Olajugbagbe


Belle Voci

Courtney O' Neill


Chris James

Jason Nicholson-Porter

Kirby Frost

Rhianna Abrey


Ivy Paige

Kalon Rae

Loaded Sista

Acts will be added once shown on audition shows

Top Bets

Top Bets

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